For information on closures and delayed openings, due to extreme weather, click here.

Emergency Early Dismissal
If it becomes necessary to close school early due to inclement weather or other emergency, parents will be notified by room parents. They will use the information on the Emergency Dismissal Form to contact each family or the designated back-up person.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
In the event that students must be evacuated or sent home due to power failure or other emergency, the following procedures will be in effect:

1. Room parents will receive a call from the Class Coordinating Parent who will explain the nature of the evacuation.

2. Room parents will call their part of the class list using their evacuation sheets.

3. If no one is at home, they will then call the work number. If there is no work number, call the “buddy parent.” If the “buddy parent” cannot be reached, call the back-up person. If the back-up person is not available, the child will be sent to the library or the all-purpose room until their safe release is assured.

4. The Room parents will record where each child is to go:

  • home
  • with buddy
  • with back-up person
  • to the library or all purpose room

5. When calls have been made, room parents will call the office with the information requested in #4 above.

6. In the event of immediate evacuation the children will walk to the Grace Church. All phone calls will be taken at Central School at 429-5851.